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Manitoba's 'Aging in Place' Strategy

For Manitoban Seniors who do not want to consider relocation to a retirement or long-term care home, there are a few options that may be available to you provided that your care needs do not exceed the services that are available. With the goal of allowing seniors the opportunity to remain in their own community to 'age in place', Manitoba's provincial government has created options to support this objective.

"Aging in Place is a matter of preserving the ability for Manitobans from every culture to remain safely in their own community, to enjoy the familiar social, cultural and spiritual interactions that enrich their lives even though their health may be compromised.” (Quoted from:

This strategy allows the senior to modify the support they are receiving over time when it is required while maintaining their independence within their own environment as much as possible.

Supports to Seniors in Group Living

"The Supports to Seniors in Group Living model is one option. Enhanced supports are offered within some designated existing seniors housing at no charge to tenants, with a goal of keeping people as independent as possible, for as long as possible.

Supports range from one-on-one help with arranging appointments or transportation, to social activities and expanded meal programs." (Quoted from:

Supportive Housing

This is a housing option available to those who need 24/7 support and/or supervision. This is a secure apartment setting with personal care available and funded through the Regional Health Authority. The senior tenant would pay rent and the cost of a ‘service package’ which would include services such as laundry, housekeeping and meal preparation. Eligibility is determined by the Home Care Program through the Regional Health Authority. This option would enable the senior to remain in an independent setting while still receiving care, support and supervision and can delay the need for nursing home/long-term care/personal care home placement until it is absolutely necessary.

Personal Care Home

A personal care home (like a nursing home or long-term care home in other provinces) are for those who require 24/7 nursing care for either physical or cognitive support and care.

For further information you may contact your Regional Health Authority.

Private Residences

In addition to the government supported and funded settings & resources for seniors, there are also many private settings (retirement homes) that offer living accommodation as well as various amenities and resources. Contact the residence you are interested in directly for further information.

Information obtained from:

Esther Goldstein, B.Sc., B.S.W., RSW

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